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Welcome to the very site where you can be informed of what’s hot and what’s not in the music industry.

Most people nowadays, especially the youth, are into music. Everywhere you go, there is music—different songs, different tunes, and so on. This is not only because aside from the fact that it is a passion, it has also this amazing popularity the musicians to the general public. This only goes to show that music artists are so dominant, that their songs can already change the world. Although there are songs that flunked in some music countdowns, there are some that make its way to the wave of the most downloadable music in the Internet.

Apparently, with the aid of the Internet today, you can update yourself with the latest music of your personal favourites that you have been patiently waiting for. Some music lovers joined different community sites, with the aim of sharing and discussing music artists and their recent tracks. Some of these sites criticise and review some phenomenal tracks.

This site gives guides to the latest music online, as it shows you different list sof the top songs from different artists of different genres. The list is in accordance to rate and popularity. Also, the results were influenced by the number of votes and number of times played. May this help you as you update yourself with the latest.

It shows you the latest music videos of those songs too, making these videos most-watched. Also, the site shares to you a list of the most downloaded tracks on itunes for you to update your music players with. Some of the music videos are links to other sites, where proper and fast video streaming is possible.

Along with this, the site also reveals remarkable music celebrities in the industry, famed not only because of their songs, but because also of the things they do in the community, or to other countries that make them popular.  They do charity works, and some use their popularity to provide campaign for their advocacy.  Other than that, some of the unfortunate artists  are featured in this site–artists who are famous for their scandals, arrests, drinking spree, and rehabilitation confinement.

Generally, the site’s aim is to update you with recent singles and albums of the different artists. Also, this site spices you up with controversies of some music celebrities. The site also brings you some news and updates of the celebrities’ lives and what has kept them busy at the moment.

Thanks for visiting this site and enjoy!

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  1. I like Elvis Costello very much. Its music rocks the heart beat. I hear its almost all songs since 1970′s. Great singer and lyrics. Any magic is in his music which washes the brain and thrown in the amazing world.

    Comment by car audio — May 20, 2008 @ 4:37 am

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